The Xlock

The Xlock, the portable door lock with the X factor!

Ensure you and your loved ones, Safety, Security & Protection everywhere!

Locks your doors Securely in case of an attempted Forces entry! Keeping intruders out!

Stop Burglars or any opportunists thieves!

Stop unwanted guests,or invasion of privacy from other family members!

Stop master key holders entering your room!

Stop thugs rampaging through,& stealing your precious personal belongings!

Stop entry to anyone,from  trying to commit  Identity theft,on you!

Stop other Students from borrowing your things without consent!

Prevention is better then cure! Get Protected Now! Buy Now! To combat from being  Burgled.

Save time,money & all the hassle of having to file a Police report,& Insurance claims!

Outside fitting to enhance security when you are leaving a room to keep items safe through an extra lock solution.

Buy Now For Peace of Mind!


Mika the dog

I looked everywhere.  The xlock portable lock really does work.  I managed to lock my door from the outside  using my own padlock.

Liam, 22
Student Sharing Rooms

The xlock is really special.  I managed to lock my bedroom door, without any permanment fixtures.  Keeping my younger brother from sneaking around my room when I am away.

Doreen, 15
Living At Home

Using the xlock as a second lock, when I am traveling and sleeping alone, gives me extra peace of mind and a good nights sleep. 

Abigail, 28
Sales Rep


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The Xlock Single

The XLock Single

“Pull” + Locks Your Door Shut.
From Outside of your Room.

Normal RRP £34.95
Now Only £24.95 + £9.95 (P&P)
NB Padlock is not supplied

The Xlock Double

The Xlock Double
(Different cut out/engraved both sides)

 “Pull & Push” + Locks you Door shut.
From Outside and from Inside your room.
Normal RRP £39.95
Now Only £34.95 + £9.95 (P&P)
NB Padlock is not supplied

The Xlock Keylock

The Xlock Knob KeyLock

For an Xlock Keylock instead of using your own padklock,we supply a keylock, for an additional £8.95 + £2.95 (P&P)

To see our Delivery policy and Terms & Conditions please click here. This is a direct sale from the manufacturers.  If there are any issues please contact us via email. To use, entails you to Crouch or Kneel down, and use your fingers to lock the Door -Wedge in Place. Please consider this, if you have any disability's!

Please contact us for mulitple orders to save you extra money.

* Postage cost is £9.95 to Europe ONLY.
For International postage to other areas, please contact us for prices.

INCLUDES FREE The Xlock Pouch and ICE Whistle

- Official In Case Emergency Loud Whistle, to summon help.
- Quality Xlock pouch for easy transport.


We highly commend you for wanting to secure your belongings and protect your self, we thank you for buying the Xlock

Mr. Charles

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