The X-Lock “Stay Safe” By Xemx Is a portable padlocking door wedge, door lock.
It locks and secures your room, so when you leave the building. You have peace of mind.
Without using any permanent fasteners.

Ideal security for students/people sharing a house. For securing offices, store rooms, and no entry rooms.
A Best Deterrent!

Fgura Cash “N” Carry Presents The X-Lock “Stay Safe”

A portable padlocking door wedge. An ideal student bedroom lock / Door Stop.
Locks any room, In any building – the best deterrent!

The only portable door lock that locks bedrooms & internal doors from outside the room!

The X-Lock saddle has sharp carpet teeth. When using on parquet floors/hard floors. No carpet. A rubber pad with double-sided tape sticks the pad to the floor. Make sure you stick the pad in a position, where the saddle teeth, grip the centre of the pad.

An absolute must have:

Travelers | Tourest’s | Backpacking | Students | Sharing, Renting | Boating | Caravaning
Office | Workspaces

Health & Safety: Warning!

Very sharp parts: Carpet spikes. Must be kept clean & covered when not in use, and the spare parts must be kept in the carry case. Please use with common sense, do not force or overtighten or you will damage the doors. Used with Parents consent.

Serious Consequence Of Foolishness:

Caution! Use with Prudence. Breaking the Law. Hefty Fine. Imprisonment! Endangering life.

Do Not Lock Fire Doors, Emergency Exits. People’s right of way. Or any door without proper permission & consent from the owner. Do not use to prank or cause mischief.

The X-Lock “Stay Safe!” Is the best deterrent for securing and locking your bedroom with your own padlock. It’s a clever doorstop, stopping friends, family members, or any opportunists burglar from entering your private room when you’re out and far away.  It’s a must-have security device for students sharing bedrooms in a rented house, for all renters, offices, storerooms,  no entry rooms, and for travellers.

Lock up your rooms now, in any building, and have extra protection and peace of mind!

The X-Lock is short for The Extra-Lock. It is a portable 2nd door lock. It can lock most rooms with its own Padlock. 

 If you are going out of your room. Lock your room door as normal with your key but also with
The X-Lock Padlocking door wedge. and as only you have the extra key to the Padlock.
It stops other key holders from accessing your room. As they don’t have the extra key to your Padlock.

 On doors that don’t have a door lock, by locking your room with  The X-Lock Padlocking door wedge. And as only you have the key to the Padlock It secures and stops others from accessing your room.!

 The X-Lock “Stay Safe!” door wedge slides in the small gap under the door and once in place, with the saddle cover and padlocked. It secures and stops entry to any room in a building. It has been sold to many countries. And we have 100% excellent feedback. Please tell all your friends about The X-Lock “Stay Safe!” Padlocking door wedge. 

A Must-Have Security Deterrent! Just Fit It, Lock It “N” Go It!