Fgura Cash “N” Carry Presents. Unique & Awesome.

The X-Lock “Stay Safe”

Portable Door Lock: Padlocking Door Wedge.

The only portable door lock that locks bedroom & internal doors from outside the room where a door lock may not be fitted!

• A 24/7 portable physical security deterrent!

 • Ideal for students & people house sharing!

• “Stay Safe” secured and protected!

• It works on carpets & hard floors, has a deadbolt & locks outward opening doors.
• An all in one solution.

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Health & Safety: Warning!

Very sharp parts: Carpet spikes. Must be kept clean & covered when not in use, and the spare parts must be kept in the carry case. Please use with common sense, do not force or overtighten or you will damage the doors. Used with Parents consent.

Serious Consequence Of Foolishness:

Caution! Use with Prudence. Breaking the Law. Hefty Fine. Imprisonment! Endangering life.

Do Not Lock Fire Doors, Emergency Exits. People’s right of way. Or any door without proper permission & consent from the owner. Do not use to prank or cause mischief.