The X-Lock “Stay Safe!” Original Portable Padlocking Door Wedge by Xemx

Introducing the X-Lock “Stay Safe!” – A Clever and Unique Innovation by Xemx: Your Specially Designed Portable Padlocking Door-Wedge Deadbolt Security Deterrent.

Unlock a new level of security with the X-Lock, allowing you to lock your bedroom and internal doors from outside the room. Ensure the security of your space every time you leave the building.

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Introducing the X-Lock "Stay Safe!" – This specially designed portable padlocking door-wedge, equipped with a deadbolt security deterrent, is crafted by Xemx
Versatile Application:

  • Locks From Outside: Ensure the security of your bedroom and internal doors from outside the room, providing an extra layer of protection when leaving the building.
  • Ideal for Various Spaces: Perfect for students sharing bedrooms, rented accommodations, offices, workplaces, drug stores, and home use.
  • Adaptable to Surfaces: Fit the X-Lock effortlessly in the small gap between the door and flooring or over the carpet strip. Its adjustable design accommodates both small and large gaps.

Security Features:

  • Deadbolt Assurance: Experience the security of a deadbolt, serving as an effective deterrent against potential intruders.
  • No Permanent Fixings: Eliminate the need for screws, nuts, or bolts, ensuring a non-intrusive and versatile security solution.
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access: Use the wedge and padlock to restrict access to rooms with existing permanent locks.

Everyday Carry and Gifting:

  • E.D.C (Everyday Carry): A 24/7 Instant Room Security Lock and Protection – the Door-Keeper for peace of mind.
  • Perfect Gift: Ideal for loved ones leaving for college, providing a sense of safety and protection. A thoughtful and practical gift.

Usage Instructions and Safety Measures:

  • Designed for Precision: the X-Lock is a precision stainless steel tool. Keep all parts clean, and threads lubricated for optimal performance.
  • Compact Storage: Store the X-Lock with the included safety pouch, covering the sharp carpet spikes when not in use.
  • Caution and Care: Avoid over-tightening to prevent damage to doors and frames. Exercise caution during use, as it is a potent deterrent.
  • Recommended Padlock Size: For enhanced security, a size 30mm padlock is recommended. Never lock right of way, public entry, or fire exit doors.

How to Use the Xemx Portable Padlocking Door Wedge:

  • Locking with Deadbolt: Follow precise instructions for securing the door using the deadbolt, ensuring the wedge is positioned correctly.

Preparation for Door Locking:

  • Use of Spacers: Utilise the provided sticky-backed wooden lollypop sticks as spacers to fill gaps and prevent door rising.
  • Surface Adaptation: Adjust the X-Lock for carpets or hard floors, following specific instructions to ensure a secure grip.

Safety Reminder:

  • Prudent Use: Use the X-Lock responsibly, avoiding negligent or foolish actions. Never block right of way, play pranks, or lock fire doors.

Invest in the X-Lock "Stay Safe!" – a security solution designed for simplicity, precision, and peace of mind. Lock with confidence and protect what matters most.

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