The X-Lock “Stay Safe” By Xemx Is a portable padlocking door wedge, door lock.
It locks and secures your room, so when you leave the building. You have peace of mind.
Without using any permanent fasteners.

Ideal security for students/people sharing a house. For securing offices, store rooms, and no entry rooms.
A Best Deterrent!

Fgura Cash “N” Carry Presents The X-Lock “Stay Safe”

A portable padlocking door wedge. An ideal student bedroom lock / Door Stop.
Locks any room, In any building – the best deterrent!


The X Lock “Stay Safe!” Pro. Self Locking Door Wedge By Xemx.

The X-Lock “Stay Safe!” Pro – Portable Locking Door Wedge for Security and Peace of Mind!

Used to lock offices, store rooms and no entry rooms, in public places.

Can also be used as a second door lock. To stop key holders, entry to a room.

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The X-Lock "Stay Safe!" Pro – Portable Locking Door Wedge.Has a black plastic self locking knob. Used to lock students and peoples bedrooms in a shared house. Or to lock office rooms, store rooms, and no entry rooms in public buildings. For Security and Peace of Mind! Lock any room, before leaving the building. The X-Lock "Stay Safe!" locks inward and outward swinging, doors from outside the room, Versatile. Adapts- Works on Carpets, parquet, tiles hard floors and with a Deadbolt for extra security. A must-have deterrent! For peace of mind. Ideal for locking students bedrooms and all Internal rooms: Lock bedrooms and internal rooms from outside the room, creating a security when leaving the building. Your safety is our priority. Convenient and Temporary: Enjoy the flexibility of design – No need of tools or permanent fittings and screws. portable easy fit and remove, when necessary, providing you with both convenience and protection. Accessible Security at Your Fingertips: A best deterrent security that is now at your fingertips. Lock your room securely, every time you leave the building, For peace of mind. The X-Lock "Stay Safe!"

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