The X Lock “Stay Safe!” Pro. Self Locking Door Wedge By Xemx.

The X-Lock “Stay Safe!” Pro – Portable Locking Door Wedge for Security and Peace of Mind!

Used to lock offices, store rooms and no entry rooms, in public places.

Can also be used as a second door lock. To stop key holders, entry to a room.

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The X-Lock "Stay Safe!" Pro – Portable Locking Door Wedge.Has a black plastic self locking knob. Used to lock students and peoples bedrooms in a shared house. Or to lock office rooms, store rooms, and no entry rooms in public buildings. For Security and Peace of Mind! Lock any room, before leaving the building. The X-Lock "Stay Safe!" locks inward and outward swinging, doors from outside the room, Versatile. Adapts- Works on Carpets, parquet, tiles hard floors and with a Deadbolt for extra security. A must-have deterrent! For peace of mind. Ideal for locking students bedrooms and all Internal rooms: Lock bedrooms and internal rooms from outside the room, creating a security when leaving the building. Your safety is our priority. Convenient and Temporary: Enjoy the flexibility of design – No need of tools or permanent fittings and screws. portable easy fit and remove, when necessary, providing you with both convenience and protection. Accessible Security at Your Fingertips: A best deterrent security that is now at your fingertips. Lock your room securely, every time you leave the building, For peace of mind. The X-Lock "Stay Safe!"

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