The X-Lock “Stay Safe!”

Welcome to our online hub, where security meets innovation – introducing the X-Lock “Stay Safe!” by Xemx.

This is an essential must-have! Created with students in digs and individuals sharing rented temporary lodging accommodations in mind, the X-Lock ensures peace of mind by allowing you to secure and lock your bedroom when you exit. Guard against opportunistic thieves and elevate your sense of security.

Key Features:

Versatile Security: The X-Lock “Stay Safe!” is a highly versatile padlocking door wedge. Acting as both an internal door lock, it secures rooms in workplaces and restricted areas such as clinics. Trusted by backpackers, travellers, and utilised on fishing boats, caravans, and many other settings. Everyday Carry (E.D.C): An essential everyday carry item, this portable door lock is frequently used as a second lock, providing exclusive access to the user. Global Recognition: Already sold to numerous countries with exemplary feedback, including The Knights Hospitallers Island of Malta, the X-Lock has gained international acclaim for its effectiveness and innovation.

Secure Your Space: Prevent unwanted entry by student friends, family members, unwelcome guests, master key holders, or burglars into your bedroom and private spaces. Keep your belongings locked and safe – act now before it’s too late! Our Buy Now option is just a click away.

Innovation Redefined: Introducing the X-Lock “Stay Safe!” – a clever and unique innovation crafted by Xemx. This specially designed portable padlocking door-wedge, equipped with a deadbolt security deterrent, ensures unparalleled security solutions.

We pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge security solutions with a touch of innovation. Elevate your security standards and protect what matters most with the X-Lock “Stay Safe!” – your trusted partner in securing spaces worldwide. 


Caution: Warnings!

Health & Safety: Serious Consequence of foolishness: Please use with Prudence. Or you will find yourself imprisoned or fined!  

  • Very sharp parts: Carpet spikes. Must be kept clean & covered when not in use. All parts must be kept in the carry case. 
  • Do Not Lock Fire Doors, Emergency Exits. People’s right of way. Or any door without proper permission & consent from the owner.     


Please contact us, with any questions or query. We are here to help you. 

We are very proud of our 100% Positive Feedback. Please, any problems kindly give us a chance to rectify & help you. Or return your money back, within two weeks of purchase. You pay the return post to us.   

Police reports state “Always lock your doors before leaving home.” ‘An application of physical security will help to stop a would-be burglar. Preferably choose locks fitted with a deadbolt!’

The X-Lock GoGo “Stay Safe!” enables you to lock your doors before leaving home. It is an application of physical security and it is a deadbolt. All-in-one!

The X-Lock GoGo “Stay Safe!” makes an ideal present for loved ones leaving home for the first time, students renting or sharing a house or for people sharing rented accommodation.
It is an essential ‘E.D.C’ Everyday Carry Tool. Specially designed for you, to keep you and your belongings safe.

An absolute must have:

Always remember: Awesome, special, unique and famous. The X-Lock GoGo “Stay Safe!”
locks bedrooms and other internal doors from outside of the room, it’s ideal to take on all your travels to stay safe.